Scottish cakes for tea time

In the UK at about 3pm is the perfect time for a cup of tea. Most people add milk and sugar. In Scotland we also have many traditional tea-time cakes.


Lots of people enjoy eating shortbread with their tea. We make shortbread with flour, butter and sugar and it is shaped like petticoat tails…
…or fingers!
shortbread fingers


My favourite cake is called a Tunnock’s tea cake, made by the Tunnock family. Can you guess when we eat it? That’s right, at tea time!
It’s a biscuit, covered with marshmallow, then covered with chocolate. Delicious!


This is a very popular sweetie (or candy) called tablet.
Tablet is very sweet – it’s made with sugar, more sugar, even more sugar, milk, butter and vanilla. Yummy!


Finally we have a tea time classic – scones!
Scones are small cakes – you can have a plain scone or a fruit scone (with raisins) – and we eat them with clotted cream, butter, or jam.

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