United States Elections

November 3rd is election day in the United States. On election day we vote for the President.

Trump is the President in America.

Macron is the President in France.

In the United States, the President lives in the White House for 4 years.

The White House is in Washington DC. This is the capital of the United States.

In France, the President lives in Élysée Palace for 5 years. Élysée Palace is in Paris. The capital of France is Paris.

There are two political parties. The red party is the republican party. The blue party is the democrat party. Each party has a presidential candidate. The candidate for the republicans is Donald Trump. The candidate for the democratic party is Joe Biden.

We vote for either Trump or Biden on a ballot.

Here is a map of the United States. You can see some states are blue and some states are red. If a state is blue, Joe Biden won the votes of that state. If a state is red, Donald Trump won the votes of that state.

Americans have voted and Joe Biden wins! Joe Biden is the new President of the United States!