School in the United States

In kindergarten we are 5 years old.
In the USA we start primary school at age 6 and finish at age 11.
After elementary school (primary school) we go to middle school and then to high school.
A school day begins at 8:00 o’clock and ends at 2:00 pm. After 2:00 pm we have after school care if we can’t go home because our parents are working. We have school on Monday to Friday and no school on Saturday and Sunday.
Everyday we have 1 recess for 30 minutes and one lunch break from 11:00 to 12:00.
We bring our lunch to school in a lunchbox or eat at the cafeteria. Nobody leaves the school for lunch.
We start school with the Pledge of Allegiance and by raising the American flag.
Each student stands, puts their right hand over their heart, and recites the Pledge of Allegiance.
In my school, each day we have Math, English (reading, writing), Science, History or Geography, Physical Education, and extra elective classes (such as Drama, Music, Computer Lab, Art or Religion)