Challenge N°3 Christina


Hello ! For the third challenge I have some riddles for you. All of these riddles are about the breakfast foods that you learned earlier. Write down your answers and send them to me.

  1. I can be green or purple. You can eat me or drink me .
    What am I?
  2. This is a fruit you can eat or drink. You just need to mix the colours yellow and red!
  3. I have skin but I’m not a person
    I can be peeled but I’m not a potato
    I’m a fruit but I’m not an orange
    I grow on trees but I’m not a banana
    I’m usually red or green or yellow.
  4. What has to be broken before you can eat it?
  5. There’s white and milk and dark
    These three types you might eat
    As a type of candy

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