April Fool’s Day by Liane

On the first day of April, we celebrate April Fool’s Day. Children tell jokes and play pranks on others, but be careful – if you fool someone after midday, 12 o’clock, it’s you who becomes the fool!

Here are some English jokes I loved to tell my friends at school:

What do cows do at the weekend?
They go to the moo-vies!

What do spiders do on the computer?
They surf the web!
spider computer

A patient is at the doctor’s office.
Patient: Doctor, Doctor, help me! I think I’m invisible!
Doctor: Next patient, please!

What fish only swims at night?
A starfish!

Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 8 9! (7 ate 9)


Do you know any cool jokes to tell on April Fool’s Day?

Saint Andrew’s Day

In Scotland, we celebrate our national day on the 30th of November – Saint Andrew’s Day!

Legends tell us that Saint Andrew created the Scottish flag – a white cross on a blue background. The blue background represents the sky, and the white cross is the clouds.

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, but Saint Andrew’s Day is not a religious celebration. It’s a day where we celebrate Scottish culture, food, music, clothes and any other Scottish thing you can think of!


On the 30th of November, lots of men wear kilts. It’s a tradition!


We eat a traditional Scottish dinner with the family – haggis, neeps and tatties. Neeps is a Scottish word for turnip and tatties are potatoes.


And then we go to a cèilidh, a traditional party where we sing, dance, and listen to Scottish folk music.


It’s lots of fun! Happy Saint Andrew’s Day, everyone!

A Typical Scottish Breakfast

For breakfast in Scotland, we drink tea, coffee, orange juice, or milk.

There is a choice between eating a small breakfast or a big breakfast.
A big breakfast has eggs, bacon, sausages (sometimes called “square slice”), black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, tattie scones (potato scones), fruit or fruit pudding, and toast with butter.

scottish breakfast

If you don’t have time to eat a big breakfast or if you aren’t very hungry you can have cereal, porridge, yoghurt, fruit, or a piece of toast.

scottish small breakfast

There’s a big debate in Scotland whether to have sugar or salt in porridge; me personally, I love salty porridge!

For my breakfast, I usually have porridge or cereal with milk and also some fruit. I drink tea with milk.

Introducing my family


Do you remember my name?

Where do I come from?

Today I’m going to introduce my family!

This is my husband. His name is Braxton. We are married.

This is my mother. Her name is Pamela. She lives in Salt Lake City in the USA.

This is my father. His name is Matt. He lives in Salt Lake City with my mom.

I have three brothers. My older brother’s name is Brice. He lives in Pennsylvania in the USA. This is My younger brother Mason. He lives in California. My youngest brother’s name is Jens. He lives in Salt Lake City with my parents.

I also have two sisters. My older sister’s name is Kylie. She lives in Idaho in the USA. This is my younger sister, Kenidee. She lives in Salt Lake City with my parents.

This is my grandfather. His name is Glade. He also lives in Salt Lake City.

Introducing my family

mckay sisters

(The McKay sisters, 1994)



Hi! Do you remember my name?

Where do I come from?

Today I’m going to introduce my family!

This is my mother.  Her name is Carol.  She lives in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom.

This is my father.  His name is Keith.  He lives in Glasgow too, with my mum.

I have three sisters.  One is called Ruth.  She lives in Aberdeen, in the north.

This is my sister Alison, she lives in Inverness.  Her friend is Nessie, the Scottish monster.

This is my sister Mairi.  She lives in Edinburgh, in Scotland.  She’s my twin!  We’re the youngest.

This is my grandmother.  She comes from Glasgow.  Her name is Margaret.

Introducing my family


Do you remember my name?

Do you remember where I’m from?

Today, I’m going to introduce my family!

This is my dad. His name is Eddie. This is my mom. Her name is Kemi. Both of my parents live in Toronto, in Ontario.

I have one brother and one sister. My sister’s name is Tega. She lives in Toronto with my parents. My brother’s name is Ruke – he lives in Quebec, another city in Canada.

This is my grandmother. She lives in Nigeria.  She is spending her holidays in Vancouver, in British Columbia.


As the weather starts to improve, it’s time to talk about seasons!

Today is the 13th of April, which is spring. In spring, we can see flowers bloom and watch birds building nests. In Scotland, we see lots of new lambs jumping happily!
Spring goes from the 1st of March to the 31st of May.


After spring comes summer, from the 1st of June to the 31st of August. In summer, the days are much longer (in the north, the sun rises at 4am and sets at 11pm!) and the weather is a little bit better. But we can’t escape the rain!
summer in scotlandsummer


From the 1st of September to the 30th of November, we have autumn or, in American English, fall. In autumn we see the leaves becoming orange, the sky becoming grey, and it gets very windy!
autumn in glasgowautumn


Finally, at the end of the year, we have winter. In winter, which goes from the 1st of December to the 28th or 29th of February, it becomes very cold. It snows and the ground is covered with ice. I like to stay inside and drink tea or tomato soup.
snowy glasgowwinter


In some English-speaking countries, like Australia and New Zealand, the seasons are inversed! This means that winter takes place in June, July and August; and summer takes place in December, January and February. I have a friend in Australia who celebrates Christmas with a barbecue on the beach!