Introducing my family

mckay sisters

(The McKay sisters, 1994)



Hi! Do you remember my name?

Where do I come from?

Today I’m going to introduce my family!

This is my mother.  Her name is Carol.  She lives in Glasgow, in the United Kingdom.

This is my father.  His name is Keith.  He lives in Glasgow too, with my mum.

I have three sisters.  One is called Ruth.  She lives in Aberdeen, in the north.

This is my sister Alison, she lives in Inverness.  Her friend is Nessie, the Scottish monster.

This is my sister Mairi.  She lives in Edinburgh, in Scotland.  She’s my twin!  We’re the youngest.

This is my grandmother.  She comes from Glasgow.  Her name is Margaret.

About me !

annexe1_liane            annexe2_liane

Hello, my name is Liane.


Liane McKay.

I come from the UK. I live in Scotland, in a city called Glasgow.

I’m 24 years old.

I like ice skating and I don’t like rugby.

I like Irn Bru and haggis, but I don’t like turkey.

I like cooking and I don’t like watching TV.

That’s it!

So who am I?