Challenge 4 – Make a papel Picado

A partir de la proposition faite sur le site :


For challenge 4 you need :

  • Colorful Paper or Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • String
  • Tape


  1. First, fold a piece of paper in half and then in half again. 
  2. Second, fold the sheet in half. Take your marker and draw a dot in the corner that is made up of folds. 
  3. Next, take your scissors and cut shapes along all four sides. Do NOT cut the area with the dot.
  4. To cut a shape from the middle of the rectangle, fold the paper in half again, and cut a shape into the fold.
  5. When you are finished cutting, unfold your paper, and you will see it has many shapes in it.
  6. To hang up your Papel Picado, cut a long piece of string. Next, take your tape and tape the paper to the string. You can tape the string to the walls to hang your beautiful Papel Picado.