Major USA Cities


Los Angeles (also called LA or the city of angels) is in California.
It is the home of Hollywood.
There are lots of palm trees, and the streets are very big.
Many movies and shows are filmed in LA.
There is a street where you can see all of the names of movie stars.


San Francisco is in California. It is north of LA.
Here you can see the famous Golden Gate bridge.
The city is very hilly, but you can catch a ride on one of the old cable cars that still run all over the city.


New York City is in the state of New York. It is nicknamed the Big Apple.
Here you can see the Statue of Liberty who watches over the city. She was a gift from France!
In Times Square you can see tons of huge screens. The biggest one is the size of an American football field.
In Manhattan (the island of New York City) there is Central Park.
You can come to escape from the concrete jungle (another nickname for NYC).
The tallest building is the Empire State Building. It is 443 meters tall and has 102 floors. You can visit the roof to have amazing views of the city.

The New York Yankees is an American baseball team.


Seattle is in the state of Washington.
Behind the city you can see Mount Rainier

The tallest building is called the Space Needle.
You can visit it for some amazing views of the city.
Seattle is the home of Starbucks Coffee – yum!


Miami is in Florida.
The city is on the beach.
It has a lot of Caribbean culture that you see in the art, food, and dance.


Chicago is a city in Illinois.
It is on one of the great lakes, Lake Michigan.
This is the Chicago Bean.


Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada.
There are many replicas of famous monuments. You can see there is a mini Eiffel Tower like in Paris,
and Statue of Liberty like in New York.
People come to play games in the casinos.
People come to Las Vegas to see concerts.
They also visit to see the circus and other performances.


Nashville is in the state of Tennessee.
It is the home of country music.
This is Dolly Parton, a famous country singer.
This is Tim Mcgraw singing in a cowboy hat.


New Orleans is in the state of Louisiana.
There is a large French influence in the city. This is the famous Bourbon street, located in the French quater.
New Orleans is the home of Jazz music. There are jazz clubs where you can listen to live music.
It is famous for the festival Mardi Gras.
There are huge decorated floats.
They throw beaded necklaces to the crowds in the street that people collect and wear during the festival.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the major cities in the United States!


This is the United States. Portland is in Oregon on the west coast.
This is the city of Portland.
This is an apartment.
This is a cinema.
This is the park.
This is my school.
This is the supermarket.
This is the bus stop.
This is the post office.
This is a restaurant.
This is my house.
This is city hall.
This is the theater.
This is the street.